How to Collect Algebra Terms

In this section we will learn how to collect algebra terms.

What does collecting algebra terms mean?

To start with...what does 'collect' mean? To assemble, gather, heap. Basically it means to put things together.

So, when we say 'collecting terms', we mean we are gathering all the things that are the same in one place.

Work out how to collect or gather these pictures

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How to work out collecting algebra terms?

Now there are two ways to work out collecting algebra terms. We will use an everyday example to think about this.

Safiyyah and Abrar both pay 34p bus fare (f) everyday to school. They work out the totals for the week on their own.

Safiyyah works like this: 34+34+34+34+34=170p

Abrar works like this: 34×5=170p

Now, they both worked it out differently, and there is nothing wrong with that. Obviously, they get the same answer.

But, going back to algebra...

There are two ways we can write this total (t)

In algebra, Safiyyah would write: t=f+f+f+f+f

In algebra, Abrar would write: t=f×5 or t=5f

So the morale of the is much quicker to write f+f+f+f+f as 5f. This is what we call collecting algebra terms.

In the same way a+a+a=3a, 2d+4d=6d and 5t-3t=2t


6 pink squares

3 turquoise rectangles

4 yellow circles

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