Are the poor useful in anyway?

We asked, 'Are the poor useful in society in anyway?' on our facebook wall.

The most popular answer: Of course they are!

They make you look at your own life and circumstances.

Make you appreciate the full value of your life and everything you have in it.

I actually agree with all (apart from one) of the comments submitted in our facebook page with regards to this question.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where money and capitalism has taken over. Actually there would be no poor in the world, if and only if things were distributed out evenly in the world.

Yes, there would be no poor. Its a fact and not many people know this. How do I know this? Well read on, the following information shows you how.

Why Oh Why? Tut Tut...

Why oh why is one side of the world dying of fatty arteries and the other side of the world dying of thinning arteries?

Why does one side of the world have no electricity whilst the other side keep up to 8 or 9 light bulbs glowing in one room alone?

Yes, I would be culprit of this!

Why do one side of the world walk for miles to get water whilst the other side of the world keep the tap running when they brush their teeth? I do this too!

Why oh why?

Its a sad reality, we live in this sad place where money makes the world go round.

The good part is that we can turn it around. Nobody not need ever be poor.

The bad part is that it cant be resolved until people high up there in the society ladder do something about it. Until then we can only do our bit for the world. Eat less food, use less electricity and switch the water tap off when we brush our teeth.

But, what has all this got to do with maths?

I hear you, I hear you.

Well for a start we can calculate our life compared to poor people and evaluate just how much more we are valuable in this life we live. We can work out how much more commodity we have, whether it be, toys, clothes, things, water or time.

Are we using these things efficiently? Are we really and truly appreciating the things we have?

Also, if we worked out the maths for the number of people in the world and the distribution/consumption of things, then we can calculate that there would be no poor in the world at all!

How do we do the maths?

A lecture by Hans Rosling regarding the energy distribution in the world prompted me to ask this question on the maths wall. The following information here is from his lecture in 2010. The figures here are quoted from his lecture.

Crazy, but true that, there are 2 billion people who live below the poverty line. They live on $2 a day and cook there foods on fired wood or stick stove fires.

Then there are the richest people in the world who are 1 billion of them. They live on $80 a month, who take holidays abroad every year and take washing machines and tumble dryers for granted.

But there are 7 billion in the world, so that must mean there are 4 billion people in between the poorest and the richest of us. These people neither cook on wood cooker fires nor have tumble dryers, but at least they have electricity.

Within these 4 billion people 1 billion of them have washing machines. They consume approximately $40 a day.

Doing the maths for this it means that 5 billion women in the world are washing their clothes and their children's clothes by hand.

Its a hard, time consuming, laboring task.

Sometimes, they even have to bring their water from far away.

These are the women that would give anything for a washing machine.

I remember the time when I was little, my mum used to hand wash my clothes and my 4 sisters clothes by hand.

It was only 30 odd years ago in England. Times were hard and I remember the day when we got the new machine.

Everybody gathered round as my mum loaded up the clothes and switched on the 'ON' button. It was a memorable day.

How much energy are we using?

If we say that there are in total 12 units of energy used in the whole world (energy means coal, gas, electricity etc).

6 units of this would be used by the richest of us. So that would be in the ratio of 1 to 6. Already half of the energy in the world is used up by just a seventh of the population! Ridicules, but true.

The people in between, the electricity people (3 billion) use up 3 units of energy and the other 1 billion people use up 2 units of energy.

Then the poorest of us, 2 billion use only 1 unit of energy. This is in the ratio of 2:1, which is gross because its not even 1 each.

Altogether, this is 12 units of energy. 6+3+2+1=12

So, from this you can see exactly, who is using up all the enegry in the world. Is it any wonder the poor are poor and the rich are rich? If there was some green changes within the rich side of the world, it would even out and reduce the energy consumption in the whole world.

Also, If there was an economic shift towards the right and everybody jumped towards the right, then the poor would at least have some electricity and the in between'ers would have some luxuries.

Life is full of all sorts of people with all sorts of lives. The best ones are those that make the most of their life by doing something.

Something useful.

Something helpful to mankind.

As soon as my mother got her new machine her time was freed up.

She had time to read.

She had time to study.

She learnt so much.

She worked hard in the catering business day and night whilst bringing up five of us as independent adults. (Thats not my mum in the pic by they way).

Today she lectures to women every week. She is old and sick. She attends dialysis three times a week. Her body is frail and broken, but still she stand up every Thursday evening and gives a lecture to women on life and religious teachings.

Truley an inspiration to anyone wishing to achieve any dream. We can achieve our dreams regardless of our situation. Just we have to realize our potential and go for it!

The morale of the story. The poor may never have to be poor. The rich need to cut back and go green.

But, until then, the rich can't lecture anyone in the world until they practice what they preach!

If you found this article useful in anyway, please pass it along to your buds by tweeting, liking or sharing. Thank you in advance!

Side Note:

Thankyou goes to these people for commenting: Sara Elmogy, Salil Prashar, Jin Kim, Akakandelwa Munukayumbwa and Samray Khan for lol'ing at the end of it all.Thankyou to the likers: Nisarg Shah, Raiqal Runardy, Waqas Zaman, Salil Prashar, Koukou Jb, Himal Khan, Rahul Tanu, Princess Afrin, Aashu Sharma, Lp Bceps, Yuliues SiJenius, Sary Maiytah, Fahmi Ibrahim, Ibrahim Alsyoof, Gilang ThesevenfOlddizm.

Reference: Hans Rosling lecture on washing machines.

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