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Attractive, Rich, Famous...Which one would you like to be?

This was an interesting post made on Facebook and proved to be very popular. Everybody liked the idea of being at least one of these things.

What's this got to do with maths? Hold your horses...Were getting there.

A lot of people thought that having one attribute would automatically bring about another. Or hope that it would.

madonna famous people math

Opinions differed but at the end of the day most people were happy with having just one of these attributes.

The most popular and obvious of them...Rich of course!

But, what brings about this question on our facebook wall? What prompted me to ask this question. Do you all think I post things nilly willy for the fun of it?! There is a reason behind every question. For this one, I wanted to know what was behind everyone's motive or goal in life. What one dream, if possible, would people want in life.

If there was one thing that could change peoples lives, would it be to be as famous as Madonna or Obama?

famous obama math

Maybe, if we had all the money in the world, then it would make us as rich, famous and attractive as them.

However way you want to look at it, the bottom line is that.. that extra bit of cash, the stuff that buys all our luxuries in life. The stuff that makes us look good, feel good and uber fabulosity goodness, actually makes our heart and feelings harder.

Yes it does. The more money we make, the more it makes us numb to hurtful comments. The more it makes us numb to pain. Various test have been done to prove this.

People have been experimented and made to keep their hand in freezing cold water. The ones that were given a lump sum of money managed to keep their hands in the cold water the longest. However, the poor people, they only managed a miserly few seconds.

money people math

Give me a wad of cash and I will gladly go swimming in freezing cold water any time ;)

But, how does all this relate to mathematics I hear you screaming.

Well it does and it doesn't.

For a start, do you know whats the one thing an employer looks at when he/she get's a job application? Do you think they are interested in your extra curricular activities?

Do you think they want to know how well versed you are at Gym or Business studies? Maybe if you were applying for a sports instructor or a business marketing dude, then yes.

However, the first thing an employer wants to know, is how well versed you are at solving problems. Can you confidently, independently solve sticky situations. Whether it be customer service or the payroll accounts. Can you? Can you?

Yes, the first thing they look at is your math grade. Is it up to par standard? If its not good, then your general solving problems is also not up to par.

Its brutal.

Its harsh.

But its the God's honest truth and sometimes the truth hurts. So, if you haven't got that Math grade, maybe you should take a moment and think about brushing up your skills.

If you think you can do well (or have already done well) and can make lots of cash without those math grades, then good luck to you :) just remember to drop us a line.

I know that one thing for sure, there's hundreds of people out there who have managed to secure savings without having to do any dreaded maths. Yes, they are self employed and have successful online businesses. Its not a secret. Anyone can do it. It takes a bit of hard work, but tell me one thing that's worth obtaining that is not hard. Certainly your math qualification for a start is hard work.

beautiful people math

We may not be able to control some things in our life such as attractiveness. But we can control some things.

And we all like to see pretty people in this world. As we all very well know, beauty is skin deep and what counts on the inside is a million times more precious.

More precious of course than any gorgeous, superficial being who is horrible in this world.

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