How to do basic algebra

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In this section we will show you how to do basic algebra.

If you are unsure as to what is algebra, then this is the best place to start.

Alternatively, the importance of algebra guides us into why we need it.

If that's not enough to keep us motivated and on our toes, then flick through the next set of pages, such as writing some formulas and then rules of algebra.

Finally we will finish off with collecting terms and substituting in algebra formulas.

As always we will give some examples and will finish with questions and answers.

Just to lighten things up before we get stuck into the complexities of solving these problems, would you like to know a little of the history of algebra?

Or did you already know its over 5000 years old?

Why cracking algebra is so important?

You will notice through out this site I always go on about cracking this topic more than anything else, in able to do more complex maths. There is no better way to explain this than with a real example.

One of my tutored students, bless her, needed help with circles and circumference.

When she came to me with this, my initial reaction in my own head was, 'Oh my goodness, school has done it again!'

She is only 10 years old and one of the brightest kids I know. She will go a long way. However, how is it possible she was totally and utterly stuck on something as trivial as circles?

Because circles involve substitution. Scroll to the top of this page. Substitution is the 5th and final stage of understanding of basic algebra. So, she's really been thrown into the deep end with this.

She's been introduced to letters in her maths lesson, a totally new concept with out the background knowledge.

This topic needs to be eased in the same way exercise is eased in with warmups.

Is it any wonder maths has such a bad reputation? Hmmm.

Are you home schooling? Or are you being home schooled? Check out some more excellent reasons why we need to crack maths real life situations. For more of those Free algebra worksheets this site offers a huge range of worksheets.

How to write algebraic formulas?

The thing about maths that confuses most people is the fact that there are letters in it. I can't blame anyone for being confused with this.

I mean, can you imagine in your language's class if you started to talk about art or textiles. Or say, if your sports lesson started to incorporate cookery. It doesn't really make any sense to do that.

So, why should it be any different in maths. We all expect numbers and sums.

Instead, like my circle/circumference student, we are introduced to letters quite abruptly and expect people to get it...just because we get it!

If you need to get started with formulas, this will be a good place to start, otherwise do you need extra extra extra help as in...'algebra for dummies'?

Then, if you dare to, go here for it and you will find my take on this subject.

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