Domain. integral, functions problem

by Grace mbi

(a). find the domain
(b).the asymptotes
(c).local extrema
(d)inflection points
and sketch a precise graph of the function

Question 2.
Find the following integral:
􀂳 3 x ln(x)dx

Question 3.
Find the consumers’ surplus at the equilibrium price level for the following demand and
supply equations:

p=1/2x+10 and p=60-1/2x

Question 4.
A store sells two brands of radio’s. The store pays 20 euro for each brand A radio and 30 euro
for each brand B radio. How should the store price each radio to maximize profits, given the
following demand equations:
x=100-2p^2+q and y=100+p-3q
where p is the selling price of brand A, q is the selling price of brand B, x is the quantity
sold of brand A, and y is the quantity sold of brand B.

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You know wt I think?you don't know the answers. U don't use stuff like this as fun,pple do have serious problems with maths. It's no joke. Stop putting up questions for pple to make comments,it's not a chat site. If u can't help pple shut it down.

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