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Please read this appeal from and donate using the button at the bottom or to the right of the page. Half of all donations go to charities and sick members of families. In particular close to my heart is spina-bifida, orphans in Bangladesh and kidney organizations.

A donation does not necessarily mean MONEY. Scroll to the bottom of the page and find out the many other ways you can help keep us up and running.

As usual, as an appreciation of your kindness and just reading this page, my free gift to you is at the bottom of the page.

I started this website as a result of helping a tutor to advertise his tuition services. People thought I was crazy to do something I have no knowledge or experience in...Website building. However, 6 months later I proved everyone wrong and this website is the proof of the pudding. I built it with my own fingers with the help of SBI.

I love to help people. Whether its is financially, emotionally or physically. I believe its food for the heart, mind and soul. An example where I have helped someone not particularly close to me, was when a member of the community needed someone to look after their 20 year old daughter during the night...for 3 weeks.

She's scared of the dark and scared of being on her own. Now they asked everyone local to them, asked all the neighbours but nobody would help.

Eventually they turned to my mother, who turned to me and requested me to stay with her. The 20 mile treck everyday was exhausting for me and my little baby.

But we never gave up, even when we built the biggest snowman ever.

We kept on piling on the snow. Even in the freezing cold.

If ever a donation was deserving, building the biggest snowman ever has got to be!

What became of hubby? Well he had to fend for himself for 3 weeks. To this day, they are grateful and remember how I helped them in their time of need, when everybody else closed their doors on them.

At the moment, at the time of writing this website, it is only a few pages of math. But my aim and goal is to bring much more information and content, rich with resources. But, in order to keep this website up and running I need to sustain it with moderate donations from the community and build the traffic consistently.

If you value math-problem-solving as a source of information - and a source of inspiration - I hope you'll choose to act right now with any of the suggestions listed below.

All the best,

Rakiya Rahman


What Can You Do?

Spread The Word

If you think somebody is struggling with maths. Then why not tell them about forums, tutors, extensive math glossary and all the information regarding algebra, fractions and long division, some of the pet topic hates in maths.

Why not tell them about some of the silly, funny math jokes and math cartoons.

Or else, if you are really struggling then maybe a one-to-one with Rakiya is the solution. Contact me via the form.

You would also be doing a huge favor by passing on the URL of this site

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Believe it or not, doing a search using the box below will actually pay it forward! So, even if you can't afford a donation, typing in your keyword in the box below will pay me anyway.

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P.S. You will probably be wondering, how will you know if I really and truly give half of donations away. Well for a start, I give away £10 to any people that have referred me to students, who I eventually tutor.

I have also given away hundreds of pounds to students who have done well in exams, (a ploy to get students motivated to revise for exams and do well).

Money is not an issue for me.

Besides my conscience will live with what I do and I believe in karma, what comes around goes around!

My gift to you, Free e-book

My gift to you as an appreciation of your kindness is this free e-book jam packed full of information with anybody thinking of starting an e-business in selling things that can be found in their very own closet at home!

Download the course now...Its absolutely free! You have got nothing to lose!

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