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  • These are the only 3 responses I get from people. And Yes, 'I hate math' always comes out on top!

  • Okay, now this is a funny math cartoon strip if you know what it feels like to be a bit of an outcast. I am a little different to most people, therefore, I totally get it!

  • Is this what really goes on in the staff room?

  • Now tell me, are mathematicians really that outcast(ed) by society?

  • Well, we've got to give it to Peter, at least he was trying to see the funny side.

  • I like this one, I don't know why. Maybe, because it's so obviously silly.

  • In case you didn't realize, but thats not an 8 turned on it's side. The 8 on its side is called infinity. That's just how it is written symbolically.

    Again, this one needs a little understanding of canceling down (usually fractions).

    For more funny math cartoons check this book out (warning, may contain adult humor)

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