How do I graph phi?

I'm doing a project in a math fair, called PJAS where you present a project to judges. I chose this project .

I'm confused on something though and I don't know where to start, my algebra teacher couldn't help me on it. The project says to choose 10 stocks, then match the graph of the movement of the stocks to grid lines corresponding to the Phi ratio.
"Each stock graph was then overlaid with grid lines corresponding to the Phi ratio of 1.618:1. The grid was then moved over the stock graph until it matched at a Phi point. A Phi point is being defined as an upward or downward movement which begins on the Phi line."

I went to yahoo and I found 10 annual stock movement graphs(, and now I just need to match it up to phi. I don't know how to make "grid lines corresponding to phi". That's where I'm stuck at the moment.

How do I set this up?

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