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need help, tough homework problem stuck ? 
Two methods of memorizing difficult material are being tested to determine if one produces better retention. A random sample of 7 pairs of students …

A'level logs question 
Hi again, This is an A level logs question, Can anyone solve this?

the Zoo Keeper 
a zoo keeper has bought 45 different birds for 10 cages. He wants to put a different number of birds in each cage. How can the zoo keeper do this?

If 2/7 of a number is 29 , what is half of the number? 
If 2/7 of a number is 29 , what is half of the number?

Probability Help 
Let the germination probability (the probability that a seed sprouts) for seed A be Pa and B be Pb. a) You plant two seeds of the same kind. If …

Higher GCSE Question on Transformations 
GCSE HIgher question, Can you answer this question for 2 marks?

Angles GCSE Higher Question 
Angles question GCSE HIgher. Solve the question in the picture.

Word Problems, Grade 9 
Three children build towers using Lego blocks. Jamie's tower is 10 blocks taller than Peter's tower and twice as tall as Mark's. If jamies steals 4 blocks …

If 1 cm equals 12 inches, 132 inches equals how many cm? 
I need help with a formula for doing a scale drawing If 1 cm equals 12 inches 132 inches equals how many cm? Answer to this Elena is: …

Ratio GCSE Higher Question 
Here is a GCSE Higher Question for anyone to try. Show your working out and answer by clicking on the comment link below. Good luck!

Nth term, GCSE Higher Question 
Hello everyone, Here is a Higher GCSE nth term type of question for you all to try. Have a go!

Pure 1, A Level Question, Surds 
This is an A Level, Pure 1 Surds Question. Can anyone solve this?

Solve t 
12e^(.007t) = 8e^(.023t) Solving for t assuming e is the exponential growth

Circles questions GCSE Higher QUESTION 
This question is taken from a GCSE Higher exam paper. Can anyone be brave enough to solve it?

Help with Locus GCSE Higher Question 
This question is taken from a GCSE Higher Paper NOv 08. How would you solve this Locus question?

How to calculate the volume of a cylinder? 
Exam style questions for high schoolers. How to calculate the volume of a cylinder Check out answers by Facebookers here …

Finding circle center from two points and arc angle 
I'm trying to find the equation for a circle given two points in Cartesian coordinates and the starting angle, arc length, and two points along the circle. …

slope questions 
4x+y=3 What is the slope in this equation? Answer Slope is -4

complex numbers 
given z = x + iy then solve the complex equation 2x - i + 4 = 6y + 2xi

In how many seconds do you cover 17 miles if you are driving at 45 mph

Add any five odd nos. from 1 to 19 resulting 50 
Math Problem Solving: Add any five odd nos, from 1 to 19 Result = 50

Hard Algebra Problem 
2y= (a^x) + (a^-x), where a>1 and x>0, prove that (a^x)= y + sqr root (y^2) - 1 similarly, if 2z=(a^3x) + (a^-3x) , prove that z= …

equations of a line 
Find y so that the line connecting the points(3,y)and (5,-5)has slope 2.

Click here to write your own.

Add one line to divide this shape into 2 triangles

Add 9, multiply by -5, product was 15. What is the integer? 
Inge chose an integer. She added 9, then multiplied the sum by -5. The product was 15. Which integer did Inge choose?

Whats 13 plus 100? 
whats 13 plus 100

applying slope, midpoint, ad distance 
Find D, the midpoint of AB, and E, the midpoint of AC, of a triangle with verticies, A(-14,6) B(2,0) C(-10,-6). Show how DE and BC are parallel. …

solve inequalities involving modulus 
Find the solution to: |x|+|x-1|+|x-2|>6

If an airplane travel 780 miles in 3 hr. How many miles can it travel in 7 hr at the same rate? Write a proportion Answer: 780 miles = …

linear equation 
x + 15=30 Rakiya's Answer Subtract both sides of the equation by 15 to give: x+15-15=30-15 x=15 Hope this helps

Quadratic expressions & equations 
The sum of the 1st n positive integers is given by 1/2n(n + 1). a)Given that the sum 14 + 15 + 16 +.... + K is 539. i)form a quadratic equation in …

Domain. integral, functions problem 
f(x)=x2+1/x (a). find the domain (b).the asymptotes (c).local extrema (d)inflection points and sketch a precise graph of the function Question …

pam's new car uses 4.9 litres of fuel per 100km.her old car used 7.5 litres of fuel per 100km.pam pays $1.10 per litre and drives 10000 each year. …

(40/5) + 9 - (3x5) =?  
does the / between the 40 and the 5 mean divided by?

how can i solve 2 step equations  
4=7+x+6x Rakiya's Answer 4-7=7x -3=7x -3/7=x or swapping over x=-3/7

word problem solving 
Alice gets $3 more pocket money than Mary each week. They spend $10 per week on food and save the rest. After several weeks, Alice's savings is …

Inverse Variation 
The time taken to complete a school project is inversely proportional to the number of students involved. A team of 5 students can complete the …

Hello....Can you solve me this problem please...the problem is:

In a math class, 3/4 of the students own pets and 1/3 of those students have cats. What fractional part of the class has cats?


Four-fifth of a number is 10 more than two-thirds of the number. Find the number.

Equation of a line question 
Find the point-slope equations of the line using the point (3, 5) and slope 3/2

The average speed of a train is 10km/h faster then the average speed of the bus. Find the speed of the bus? 
The average speed of a train is 10km/h faster then the average speed of the bus. To cover the same distance the train travels 4hours and the bus …


Give an example for each of a binomial of degree 45 and trinomial of degree 20.

Sons homework Not rated yet
john sells 8000 laptops in a month he sells an equal amount to each company how many laptops did he sell to each company

symbols dictionary Not rated yet
Is there a dictionary that shows all math symbols and an explanation of them

How many fruits Not rated yet
Mrs Pang sells pineapples, honeydews and papayas. 0.25 of the fruits are pineapples and 0.4 of the remaining fruits are honeydews. If there are 75 …

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math Not rated yet

Find the missing divisor Not rated yet
117 / _______ = 13 Answer is 9. If we divide 117/13 we get 9.

Statistics Not rated yet
Suppose that the cost of a statistics text was $50 in 1985 and is $100 in 2000. What is the “Statistics Text Index” number, rounded to the nearest …

keasean soccer game last for 50 min. What reduced freaction of an hour is that Not rated yet
keason soccer game last for 50 min. What reduced fraction of an hour is that?

factor theorem Not rated yet
Factorise 6x^3 - 5x^2 - 8x + 3 . Hence solve 6x^3 - 5x^2 - 2x + 1 =0 6x^3 - 5x^2 - 8x + 3 = (x+1)(3x-1)(2x-3) I cannot continue from here... …

A Level Differentiation Question Not rated yet
Here is an A Level Differentiation question for anyone to try. Have a go..its not as bad as it looks! Answer to this question Rakiya Editor …

trig identities Not rated yet
Here is a trig identities question, an A level exam question worth 5 marks!

Triangle area Not rated yet
Please see picture to solve for the equal areas inside a triangle. It started as a basic task .. to divide up a trianglular garden into 3 equal areas …

muhammad hashamz question Not rated yet
how to solve a paper with best approach ?

Integration help needed!! Not rated yet
Hello, I just wanted some help or idea on solving this particular double integral: (integral from -infinity to +infinity) (integral from -L to …

Profit and loss Not rated yet
Q. A sold a table to B at a profit of 15%; latter on, B sold it back to A at a profit of 20% thereby gaining Rs. 69.00. How much did A pay for the table …

Complex integration Not rated yet
integral from 0 to 2*pi of 2/(2+cos(theta) dz I am pretty sure that I need to use the Cauchy integral Theorem, but I really am drawing a blank here. …

Find the Arithmetic Series. Not rated yet
In an Arithmetic series , the sum of four consecutive terms is 4 and their product is 385. Find the Arithmetic series.

Algebra Not rated yet
QUESTION 1 b) Obtain the values of k such that x^2-6x+k=0 has real roots. c) Calculate the value of k if the difference between the roots of …

exponentials Not rated yet
if x^a + x^b = 1 and x is not equal to +- 1 then a+b=?

How to simply a fraction Not rated yet
What are the steps in simplifying: 15xy/10x^2y-y^2x

Trigonometric equation 2arcsin(4x-1)= -π/2 Not rated yet
2arcsin(4x-1)= -π/2 Please solve this equation for me.?

problems of solving cuboid Not rated yet
Dear sir can you solve this problem pls abc+ab+bc+ac+a+b+c=2003 regards piet

What is 2 plus 2 ? Not rated yet
What is 2 plus 2 ?

How do I graph phi? Not rated yet
I'm doing a project in a math fair, called PJAS where you present a project to judges. I chose this project …

deductive proof Not rated yet
the angle an arc subtends at the center is twice the angle it subtends at the circumfrence of the circles solution to related problems 1.angles in …

Express 3/4 as a percentage rounded to the nearest integer. Not rated yet
Express 3/4 as a percentage rounded to the nearest integer.

Find the marked prices of the following Not rated yet
Find the marked prices of the following, given the percentage discount and the sale prices: a) 12% discount,$77 b) 25% discount,$123

TRIGONOMETRIC PRELIMINARIES Simplify: (sin(pheta)+tan(pheta))/1+cos(pheta) Not rated yet
Simplify: (sin(pheta)+tan(pheta))/1+cos(pheta)

Click here to write your own.

factoring polynomial Not rated yet
Factor each expression completely. 20+36x 23a+46b 5m^2=15m-20 2a^3b^4+6ab^3+8ab^4 ab^2c+a^2b^3c^2+a^3bc^3

Volume of a Cylynder Not rated yet
There is a set of four cylinder canisters on a counter. The smallest has a radius of 3 inches and a height of 8 inches. For each of the remaining canisters …

fractions and percentages query Not rated yet
zane bought his new computer at a 12.5% discount. He paid $700. How many dollars did he save by buying it at a discount?

Solving a log equation Not rated yet
Solve for x if 0 = 72 - 5*t*ln(o.045*t) - 0.5*t where 0

Do I multiply or divide? Not rated yet
nita makes 8 trays of sticks, using 216 sticks for each. how many sticks did she use? Multiply 8 with 216 should give you the answer to how many sticks …

speed, time & distance Not rated yet
a train cover a distance of 780 km at the speed x km/hr. had the speed been (x-5) km/h the time taken to cover the same distance would have been increased …

Synthetic Division Help? Not rated yet
How do you divide 4x^4-5x^3-11x^2+20x=12 by x+2? Please explain, I don't just want an answer I want to know how to do this. All the examples I found …

How to use the difference or two squares method to calculate 23 x 17 Not rated yet
Show how to use the difference or two squares method to calculate 23 x 17.

8th grade problem, How many square inches of cardboard are needed to make the microbox Not rated yet
There is a jumbo box wuth a height of 12 in, a width of 4 in, and a length of 8 in. How many square inches of cardboard are needed to make the microbox? …

Solving Systems Of Linear Equations by Multiplying/ Adding/ Subtracting Method Not rated yet
Solve the system: 2x+6y=-16 x-2y=-3

Maths Problem Sum Not rated yet Hi Guys, Not sure whether is this the right place to post my questions. Nevertheless, …

motion Not rated yet
A motorist averages 30 kph on ordinary roads and 12 kph on roads under repair. His average speed for a distance of 50 km is 24 kph. What length …

Proof of ceil(log2(n)) = ceil(log2(n+1)) Not rated yet
How do you prove ceil(log2(n)) = ceil(log2(n+1))? I said: Let x = log2(n), then 2^x = n. It follows that x is not an integer, since n is odd …

permutation Not rated yet
My question is that, In how many ways can 5 people line up in a group picture if the 2 want to stand next to each other?

How to compare the wastage of a wheel Not rated yet
I have been using different type of abrasive cutting wheels for my day to day jobs. I want to find-out which brand wastage is much less compared …

algebra Not rated yet
the question is 6.9 equals 45 whats the value of it

Least Common Denominator 6x+1/(3x-2)(5x+1) + 2x+1/(3x-4)(5x+2) Not rated yet
my problem is 6x+1/(3x-2)(5x+1) + 2x+1/(3x-4)(5x+2)

Word Problems, Grade 9 Not rated yet
Ashlee had 10$ less than three times as much money as jessica had. Ashlee gave Jessica $20 so that Ashlee had exactly twice as much money as Jessica. …

mean numbers Not rated yet
The mean age of 3 people is 42. Another friend joins and the mean age drops to 40. What is the age of the new friend?

fractions Not rated yet
3 friends share 4/7 pizza, how much does each friend get?

Surds GCSE Higher Question Not rated yet
Surds GCSE Higher Question Please submit your answer here or on the FB wall, thank you in advance folks! Rakiya Editor

$200.00 in the bank. How much money will he have 7 years from now? Not rated yet
The amount of money Joe has in his bank account doubles every year. He currently has $200.00 in the bank. How much money will he have 7 years from now? …

accounting Not rated yet
If total assets increased $150,000 during the year and total liabilities decreased $80,000, what is the amount of owner's equity at the end of the year? …

1. If x + 1/x = 2 find 8 x3 = 1/x3 Options 48,40,88,44 2. If X= 2-21/3 +22/3 FIND X3-6X2-18X+18 Options 22,40,33,45 3. IF X2+Y2-4X-4Y+8 …

CRACK THE CODE. Not rated yet

Click here to write your own.

solve the problem Not rated yet
Given 5 consecutive positive integers whose sum is a cube and that sum of the middle three is a square, find the smallest possible middle integer. …

angle and its measurement Not rated yet
Express the following angles into radians (1)50degree 37minutes 30seconds

Use the Quadratic Formula to solve the equation. Not rated yet
-2x^2+x+8=0 -x^2-x-5=0

Use the quadratic fomula to solve the equation Not rated yet
5x^2+9x-2=0 Answer to this question Brittney, can be viewed here

percentage Not rated yet
Hello, I have a question on percentages. Any help would be appreciated In an exam in which full marks were 500, A got 10% less than B. B got 25% …

Tanya mounted 4 pictures in her album. This is 8% of her pictures. How many pictures does she have? Not rated yet
Tanya mounted 4 pictures in her album. This is 8% of her pictures. How many pictures does she have?

what fraction of children study art? Not rated yet
If there are 53 students who study art out of 152 what fraction of children study art? Answer to this Holly would be 53/152

product has a variable cost of $30 and which sells for $40. What is cost function and the revenue function  Not rated yet
Mal de Mer ltd, a manufacturer makes and sells a product which has a variable cost of $30 and which sells for $40. The fixed cost is $70,000. …

what is circumference Not rated yet
how do you work out: d=4 what is the circumference circumference= 2×∏×r if d=4, then the r which is radius is half of d, is 2. So, the answer is …

What is this answer to simple interest rate question? Not rated yet
Kira deposits $2000 into an account that pays simple interest at a rate of 2% per year. How much interest will she be paid in the first years?

solve for x,y and z Not rated yet
x+y-z= 4 x^2-y^2+z^2 = 4 xyz= 6

adding and subtracting rational numbers Not rated yet
5+2 2/3 Answer: Add the whole numbers 5 and 2 To give 7 2/3

Area and Volume  Not rated yet
The volume of a cone is 512/3. The cones length and radius are equal. Calculate the length and the radius

2y=12x-3 Rearange into y=mx+c Not rated yet
Rearrange this equation into the form y=mx+c. 2y=12x-3 Answer to this Sally: Divide the whole line by 2 will cancel the left side. Hence looking …

Long division in algebra (x^(2)+7x+12)÷(x+4) Not rated yet
(x^(2)+7x+12)÷(x+4) step by step

26.5% of 123 Not rated yet
How do you do this problem step by step. 26.5% of 123 Solution 26.5 × 123 = 3259.5 3259.5 ÷ 100 = 32.595 answer 32.595 Rakiya Editor …

Find the surface area and volume of.. Not rated yet
Find the surface area and volume of swimming pool described below: The pool is a rectangular shape: 70 ft x 140 ft The shallow end starts at 3 ft …

Johnson ran 300 meters in 30 seconds.Calculate his speed in kilometers per hour. Not rated yet
Johnson ran 300 meters in 30 seconds.Calculate his speed in kilometers per hour.

Find the roots of f(x) = -x^2e^-x + 2xe^-x Not rated yet
Find the roots of f(x) = -x^2e^-x + 2xe^-x...How would you go about solving that!?

Algebraic sentences sign problems Not rated yet
26>8+V 26-8>v 18>v

Impossibly Easy? Not rated yet
What number when multiplied by double itself is a negative number?

Gradients, Graphs, solving equations, factorise, curves Not rated yet
please answer the photos attachted, thanks in advance

n:d = 875 : 25 Write an equation connecting n and d. Not rated yet
The number of bricks, n, to build d metres of wall is given by the ratio n:d = 875 : 25 Write an equation connecting n and d. How do you …

Using number 4 Not rated yet
Use four 4s and any of the four operations to make the numbers 1,3,5,7,9,10

Click here to write your own.

percentage and its applications Not rated yet
seeta sells a dinning set to neeta for Rs 6000 and gains 20%.For how much should she sell it to increase her profit by 5%?

Trig Bearing, finding an angle x Not rated yet
I've found all these angles but am no closer to finding x. Please help!

Number Pyramid, value of y? Not rated yet
What is the value of y? In this number pyramid. Y is the top. Y 16, 5 25, 10, 3 50, 20, 8, 3 I'm confused.

Calculate the volume of a prism Not rated yet
Exam style question for High schooler's! How to calculate the volume of a prism?

Answer to Probability Question in Facebook Not rated yet
Answer to Question posted in facebook

Calculate length of veneer produced from a log Not rated yet
Is there a formula to calculate the length of rotary peeled veneer that can be produced from a log? Assume the log is a cylinder (say 20 cm radius) …

alphabet puzzle Not rated yet
If A=2, M=26 and Z=52,then BET=? a. 44 b. 54 c. 64 d. 72 e. 78

Operations Puzzles Not rated yet
Fill in each blank with one of the digits from 1 through 9 to make a true statement. Each digit may be used only once. _/_x_+_x_x_/_+_x_=100 …

the smiths spend 331/3 of there pay check on food if there take home pay is 504 what did they spend on food Not rated yet
The smiths spend 331/3 of there pay check on food if their take home pay is 504 what did they spend on food

solving for n: t=2n+2z Not rated yet
solve for n: t=2n+2z Answer: subtract both sides by 2z, t-2z=2n Then divide both sides by 2, (t-2z)/2=n Therefore solution is n=(t-2z)/2 …

working out an average for my Uni marks, using ratio/percentages Not rated yet
Hi, I am a university student (obviously not studying maths) and need to work out my average mark for my year. I have taken 9 classes totalling …

Find the length of triangular shape, perimeter question Not rated yet
A triangular lake-front lot has a perimeter of 1600 feet. One side is 100 feet longer than the shortest side, while the third side is 300 feet longer …

' what are the odds ' Not rated yet
A man holds 3 cards in his hands, 2 aces and a jack. He shuffles the cards and then places them face down onto a table. He asks his friend to randomly …

Triangular Matrix Not rated yet
A. Now consider the product P = ST R S, where S is an upper triangular matrix having 0 everywhere except 1 on the main diagonal and ?1 on the first …

Probability fraction spinner question Not rated yet
Adam has found a spinner which has five colours on it where each colour is equally likely to come up. Adam decides to make his own Adams spinner …

Geometric Sequences Not rated yet
a1=-4,r=3;8th term

Math ratio question Not rated yet
The ratio of the number of 20-cent coins to that of 50-cent coins in a bag is 7:4. The total amount of coins in the bag is $81.60. What is the …

Adding decimals Not rated yet
-3.3+(9.1)=?? Answer: Swapping the numbers over so as to subtract instead will give the same answer as above, +9.1-3.3=5.8 More info on adding …

Speed distance and time problem Not rated yet
From restaurant to house A,distance is 25km.time is 20 min but must change to hour so is 1/3 hour. a)so speed= to distance/time= 25/1/3hour=75km/hour.ANS:75km …

setting prices of circular objects using an equation to calculate increases in size/cost Not rated yet
I'm trying to make an equation to price the wishing trees I make, I have a base unit of $50 for a 27cm diameter one ..... the smallest one is the …

How do you simplify -9-6(-v+5) Not rated yet
How do you simplify -9-6(-v+5) Answer: First multiply out the bracket with the -6 -9+6v-30 (remembering that -ve and a -ve is a +ve more info …

Trigonometry Queries, Please help Not rated yet this has the questions. please answer the ones below and show working thanks, Q3a,and b. …

algebra Not rated yet
The cost of 2 balls,3 bats and 8 pair of gloves is 2500. While cost of 4 balls,5 bats and 10 pair of gloves is 4000. Find cost of each bat? …

Products Not rated yet
The product of 7/16 and a number x is 1. The number is?

Applying Trigonometric Functions Not rated yet
a) Given functions y = a^x and y = (1/a)^x where x is real and a>1, draw graphs to illustrate the relationship between the two functions and describe this …

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Similar Triangles Not rated yet
in triangle ABC, angle A is obtuse. BP is perpendicular to AC & CQ is perpendicular to AB. Then prove that- BC^2 = AC*CP + AB*BQ.

distance/time problem Not rated yet
After the brakes are applied, the distance a train travels before coming to rest varies as the square of the speed of the train at the instant the brakes …

3 numbers are such that the second number is 4 more than 3 times the first, and the third numbers is 12 less than the sum of the first two number. The …

sets Not rated yet
A total of 130 ppl sat for exam, Biology, Physics & Chemistry. Results as below, 31 pass Biology & Chemistry 25 pass Biology & Physics …

How to do Graph of -3x-15>48 Not rated yet
How do you draw the graph of -3x-15>48

Solution to: 2(x-1)squared=-16 Not rated yet
Solution can be viewed via Twitter at

How much of the original crop made it to the market unspioled and yn damage? Not rated yet
How much of the original crop made it to the market unspoiled and not damaged? About a third of the blubetry crop was ruined by a sudden frost. A …

Smallest area and Smallest Length of String around Box.  Not rated yet
I have a problem!! This is a calculus maximum/minimum problem. I need to find smallest area and hence the smallest amount of string around the box. I …

Divide and simplify with a interger or mixed number Not rated yet
9 4/5 divide by 4 5/6

number system Not rated yet
The fifth root of 16807 ?

Negative Exponents  Not rated yet
The half-life of a radioactive form of calcium is 1 second. If you start with 180 grams, how much will be left after 2 seconds?

Truth Table Not rated yet
Use a truth table to test the validity of the following argument. If you invest in the Gomermatic Corporation, then you get rich. You didn't invest …

answer checks Not rated yet
i have to find the scalar and vector projection of a=i-j+k and b=2i-j-2k and i got: Vector proj = (1/3)(i-j+k) = i/3 + j/3 + k/3 scalar proj = (1/9)(2i-j-2k) …

use a proportion to solve this problem Not rated yet
bob delivers 28 papers each morning.The route takes him 40 minutes. If his route increases to 35 papers, how long will it take him?

Statistics. What are the mean and the standard deviation of the sample proportion? Not rated yet
- The probability that a randomly chosen driver will be involved in an accident in a particular year is about 0.18. Suppose we take a SRS of 80 drivers …

sequence question Not rated yet
What are the values of x in the following sequence. X,X,15,16,23,31,111,X

analytical solution of 3D transient heat conduction equation  Not rated yet
How to simplify the partial differential equation...defined above in the image attached....

Are we paying for the product, convenience or the packaging in food? Not rated yet
Save a cash register receipt from a shopping trip to the food market, or borrow one from a family member or friend. The cost of four prepackaged food …

Find the value of r , Continuous at a value x=1 f(x)= (sqrt(4x + r)) if x =< 1 Not rated yet
Find the value of r such that the function is continuous at x=1: f(x)= (sqrt(4x + r)) if x = 1

problem solving Not rated yet
Your search for alana has 7 childen and bought a $9.95 shirt for each of them. The cashier charged her an additional $13.07 in sales tax. She …

Optimization production amount? CobbDouglas function Not rated yet
So, here's the problem given: The production amount, Q, of an item manufactured by a company is modeled by the CobbDouglas function Q = 200(K^0.6)(L^0.4)(T^0 …

find the vertex of f(x)=3x^2-18x+10 Not rated yet

5.2 inches of rain, how many hours would it take to accumulate three feet of rain? Not rated yet
The city was getting the biggest rainstorm of the season. It rained 1.3 inches the first half-hour. At the end of the first hour, there was a …

Degree of freedom - tdistributed GARCH - 100 data points Not rated yet
Hello, The log-likelihood function for estimating GARCH(1,1) requires the number of degrees of freedom as an input. If I have N=100 time series …

SAT's Level 3 Question on Ratio Not rated yet
I fill a glass with orange juice and lemonade in the ratio 1: 4 I drink of the contents of the glass, then I fill the glass using orange …

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solve inequalities involving modulus Not rated yet
Find the solution to: |x|/x-3<1

An inequality conundrum (for me) Not rated yet
I have an inequality problem (I think). I am not a young person, I am doing something in finance and I have forgotten if I ever knew how to solve …

Poisson distribution Not rated yet
I am having trouble answering this question: a local council has data concerning the number of children on free school meals and the number of households …

Arithmetic Not rated yet
The geometric rate of growth of sales for a company for the first three years was 25%. For the next three years was 40%. Is the claim of average …

Solve this multiplication problem using numbers 2-9 only once. Not rated yet
_ _ _ x _ = _ _ _ _ Can only use the numbers 2-9 only once to complete the problem

Bird's wing beats 70 times a second. Express the number of beats per minute. Not rated yet
A humming bird's wing beats 70 times a second. Use scientific notation to express the number of beats per minute. Answer: 1 second = 70 beats …

sin²x - 0,64 = 0 Not rated yet
sin²x - 0,64 = 0

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