5 Advantages To Math Online Tutoring And Why Online Algebra Tutoring Is An Absolute Must!

Now, You tell me why 'math online tutoring' is an absolute must. My list is at the bottom of the page. However, do you have any other reasons? Maybe you would like to share them with us.

My Mother used to say...

My 4 sisters and I have been very lucky and fortunate to have had math online tutoring since we were (as far as my memory can stretch) 5 years old. I never ever told anybody I was home tutored. I think it must have been the stigma attached to it (if there is actually a stigma attached to it).

There is a saying in Bengali, and my mother always used to say it to us all the time, 'A masters house needs a master'.

It makes more sense when spoken in bengali and doesn't need translating to someone who is of the native language.

However, I understand it does not make much sense in English.

In other words, the saying above means that, even if the parents at home are teachers, a teacher is still required to tutor children to get the full potential. Therefore, in Bangladesh it is common practice for most homes to provide extra tuition to children.

Disadvantages to Online Tuition

But, I appreciate its not feasible for everyone to provide tuition for children at home.

For a start, I know how much it costs. This has got to be the first reason why most people do not provide tuition at home.

Secondly, most people can actually do basic math, therefore don't feel extra tuition is required.

Alternatives to Maths Online Tuition

So, for the first reason mentioned above, I believe math educational software is an affordable alternative to personal math tutoring.

Math educational software may not be personal and interactive.

But, the actual lessons are as if they were.

More importantly the lessons can be played over and over again a million times at that one price.

For this reason, math educational software is a good option, but one down side is that explanations, tips and techniques may be limited. But still, in my opinion nothing beats personal, one to one tuition.

5 Reasons Why You Should Have Math Online Tutoring.

  1. Learn math techniques quicker
  2. More confidence in and out of school
  3. Pass exams and do much better than expected target grade
  4. Tend to do well in other subjects, because math is one of the hardest subjects in the world!
  5. Can you think of number 5?

If you can think of any other reasons to add to the '5 reasons why math online tutoring is an absolute must' then fill in the form below and your submission will pop up automatically.

Maths Online Tutoring Video

Most people actually remember me as being sort of average. Just blended in with the crowd and never really stuck out for anything good or bad.

However today, I can confidently say...I stand out. For something good hopefully.

Its a great feeling. I have already thanked all the people in my acknowledgment page for helping me get this far. But, at the end of the day, after all the help and support I received from people. The main reason why I believe I stand out from the crowd, is that extra bit of math online tutoring I got at the beginning of my education.

Maths Online Tutor - Go Get it Video!

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My Neighbours Plea with Dyscalculia

I have mentioned in many places on this site that I was not particularly clever (and still don't think I am). But, I have done well for myself. I totally believe everyone can do well. With a little extra time and effort and most importantly...with a little extra online tuition. It is possible to do well or even pass math to a reasonable level with a little extra help.

There are however, an exception to this rule with anyone with a math learning disabilities which makes it almost impossible for some people to do any math. In these circumstances I recommend an SEN (Special Educational Needs) tutor. For people with math learning disabilities, special tailored methods are designed to help them cope with learning maths.

My neighbor, bless her, has a math learning disability, dyscalculia.

Her difficulties make me think twice about how lucky I am to be able to count in numerical order with out getting muddled up.

Her daily day to day difficulties such as counting money or telling the time are just not possible for her to do.

But, she wishes, 30 years later, that she had a little extra support.

Either one to one tuition, or even support from school.

Your Reasons Why Math Online Tuition Is An Absolute Must!

Can you think of any other advantages to math online tuition? Share you thoughts here!

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