My Secret - SSHHHH

My secret to a happy life? My secret to doing math? My secret to building a website? Nope, My secret is to ...building an online business!

Now, how I came about by building an online business was just by chance. And so grateful the opportunity landed on me.

This site came about by trying to help a friend out advertise his tuition services.

As I had managed to build a successful tutoring business offline, my colleague wanted a piece of the action.

So, naturally, I said I would help.

I went about looking online how to build a website (for free of course). I stumbled across Solo Build It. At first it seemed like an expensive deal.

But no! For the amount of imformation, resources and help you get, it does not compare to the price. Its a BARGAIN

The Solo Build It philosophy is honest - BAM, CTPM and the tortoise.

What made me click on the Solo Build It button. Well to start, I believed in the honesty of the Solo Build It philosophy.

The BAM (Brain Attitude Motivation) and CTPM (Content Traffic Presell Monetization) philosophy.

I also believe in the tortoise philosophy that Solo Build It harks on about all the time, building a business is slow and steady.

I believed in the people behind the other Solo Build It websites.

I believed in their stories.

I believe in good, honest, hard work.

But I have no HTML/Web designing skills

So, what's my secret to building this website? Solo Build It of course. I have absolutley no HTML skills, even with an honors computing degree.

Ask any of my friends or family, I am the least technical person in the world.

I hate changing light bulbs, I hate putting new batteries in things.

I hate all things technical, electrical and (dare I say it) mathematical! Solo Build It takes care of it all. All I did was provide the BAM and Solo Build It took care of everything else.

Easy to understand action guide

So, what is my secret to building this website? Well, Solo Build It of course. I have absolutely no idea about online business.

It held my hand all the way, with an easy to understand action guide. It has ready made design templates, so I had no need to faff around with designing my site.

It showed me how to build good quality pages that rank high in the search engines eyes. This is to drive as much traffic to my site.

My sister has 3 visitors within 3 months. I have over 150 new unique visitors everyday and increasing

My sister was asking how my site was doing (this is after 8 months of building the site). I told her I had between 100 and 180 new unique visitors per day (when I was telling her in march), and increasing everyday.

At the time of writing this and uploading it, it is April. Here is a snap shot of Aprils visitor Stats.

The important part is the maximum number I have reached in that month which is 216 unique visitors.

The numbers go up and down everyday, but generally on average, they are going up each month.

I told her how much money I had made in two months with adsense.

To cut the story short, she was amazed. She has a blog, which has only ever had 3 visitors. But saying that, I also have a blog, with only 3 visits and those visitors were ME clicking on it lol :)

The bottom line, Solo Build It teaches you how to build traffic to your site.

This video proves my point, Wordpress (my sister) or Solo Build It (me), I let you be the judge of that :)

Solo Build It people are helpful

The bottom line, Solo Build It, is the secret. It holds the key to website building. Everything you need to know is here in one package. One of the best things about Solo Build It is the community. Yes, I would never have thought I would hark on about Solo Build It people, but its true. Solo Build It people are very helpful.

The forum is great from asking how to do bold writing, make break lines, to some really complicated stuff that goes wayyyy over my head (remember, I don't like technical things). If the forum does not fit your needs then there is support staff on hand. My gratitude goes to them all.

Money Back Guarantee

Its risk free. With a full refund. It offers a 90 day trial wih a money back guarantee.

That was not the option I was taking. Oh no, I was going all the way. I had a plan of action, I wanted a site that looked half decent within a year. But after 6 months my site was not only looking half decent, it was actually making money aswell. How fun is that hey!

I dont want to work 9 to 5 for somebody

However way you want to look at it, stay at home mum, lady of leisure...the bottom line is I don't want to work 9 to 5 out side of my home, for anyone and I don't ever want to either! NO, count me out of the rat race.

Instead I work more, 7am til midnight, but all on my own terms of course.

Amber sums it up so nicely in her video. Her story is just like mine and kindly made a video for us. Thanks Amber!

Its not rocket science - All you need is an idea or a hobby

Yes, thats all you need to get started. Its not rocket science at all. Do you have a passion in life? Is there something you excel in life? Are you a great cook? parenting? educationalist? needlework? DIY? Makeup? Gardening? Teeth? Hair? How to tie a tie? (unbelivable, a money making site on how to tie tie's).

An idea, thats all. I started with wanting to put some information for my friend online. I thought If I can help one person, I am sure others would be interested too. But of course the tables turned and it turns out I have much more potential talking about maths instead.

This is how Elad turned his hobby into a thriving online business, one of my favorites. He earned $2000 per month after 6 months. Now if thats not motivating enough, I don't know what is.

And what about Tomaz, his passion was tennis. How can anyone make money from playing tennis. Well he certainly did!

The down side of Solo Build It - Whoops :(

There's just one downer and Dr Ken probably won't like me for saying this (but, I don't care, I'm not going to lie)...Its hard work, its BLEEEEPing hard work!

I also won't lie to you about something else, I am guilty of looking up quick rich schemes. But, I am very very skeptical, all the horror stories I have heard have put me off.

Also nothing really tickled me enough to click on the 'do it' button on all these make money sites.

But, If there was ever any honest, easy money making scheme this would be the closest I have come across.

You will never know, unless you give it a go

Wow and it rhymed aswell, 'You will never know, unless you give it a go'. I will end it there.

The bottom line is, I never had anything to lose as I was able to get a FULL refund.

So its completely risk free. But, of course, that was never an option for me, succeeding was.

I will let you be the judge.

Try Solo Build It when you get some free time or find out why these people are smiling.

When you eventually get there don't forget to tell em Rakiya sent ya :)

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