need help, tough homework problem stuck ?

by jphoward
(new jersey)

Two methods of memorizing difficult material are being tested to determine if one produces better retention. A random sample of 7 pairs of students matched according to I.Q. and academic background are included in the study. Method A is randomly assigned to one student in each pair. The scores on a memorization test are listed below (by percent). Using a = .05, is there evidence to conclude a significant difference between the effectiveness of the two methods?
t – test: Paired Sample for MeanMethod A Method B
Mean 61.86 65.43
Variance 70.4762 170.2857
Observations 7 7
t statistic -1.622
P-value one-tail 0.078
t Critical value one-tail 1.943
P-value two-tail 0.156
t Critical value two-tail 2.447

What are the degrees of freedom used to test this hypothesis?

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Oct 31, 2015
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Dec 18, 2014
by: Anonymous

Degrees of freedom would be 7-1 = 6

Jun 28, 2014
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