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BBC Webwise, 2012

Math Problem Solving took part in a BBC film called 'Canal and Computers'.

The BBC moved their offices from London to Manchester, along the canalside. As part of the transition they did these short films to illustrate how people use computers in their daily lives. All of these people live along the canal from Liverpool all the way up to Manchester.

It was a lovely day of filming. Even though I was absolutely petrified with nerves. My voice was crackling and my fingers were shaking. Somehow, I over came this.

Colin the producer was lovely. Angela his assistant was equally nice.

The camera man looked a bit scary, but really just a softy and the sound man was a delight.

It was an absolute privilege taking part in this BBC programme. I will never forget this day. It was an experience and really fun to do. To view it, on the BBC website click on number 7 from the list,

SKY, Channel S, Special Award, 2012

We applied for the Channel S Awards on Sky 814. Originally, we applied for the education award.

As we waited patiently over 4 hours in the audience, eventually our name was called out right at the end.

We won the 'Special Award'.

This was a new award given out. It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to receive such a prestigious award. Especially, as I was sat right next to an MP, Frank Dobson, also picking up an award! What a humbling experience it was.

You can watch my amateur capture of the moment here...

The Standard Newspaper

Thursday 12th April 2012. graces a mention in The Standard Newspaper.

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