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Because You Need to Pass That Darn Math Exam! Or you wont get a job otherwise!

Hi there, again! Welcome to Rakiya's Chester and Ellesmere Port Private Math Tutors. To read my true story about 'Maths is boring, maths is hard, hardly anyone likes it, but I still won 1st prize' scroll down to the bottom of the page.

You can be anywhere in the world and still get tutored by Rakiya, read on...

Why You Need Private Math Tutors

Because if you fail your maths exam you won't get a job otherwise. Even if you pass it at a low mark, you are still up against hundreds of applicants who are competing for the same job.

Whats the first thing an employer looks at?

  • Your great personality? No.

  • Hobbies? No.

  • Problem solving skills? YES!

They want to know that you can quietly and competently solve problems on your own! And that is shown by solving maths problems. People associate a person with a good maths grade as clever. Its the way of the world unfortunately.

So, unless you want to be cleaning other peoples toilets then be my guest and go it alone! get some Private Math Tutors, read on..

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Who I tutor

I tutor all ages, from 5 years old to adults. I tutor Keystage 1, 2 and 3, SAT's Exams, 11+, Grammar entrance exams, GCSE, A'Level and Diplomas.

Most importantly, I only tutor students who are willing to be tutored.

Who I do not tutor

I do not tutor students who do not wish to be tutored. Simply because of the fact that some students detest the idea of having extra help and therefore waste my time, their time

math picture money

and most importantly money!

Some students, believe it or not are forced by their parents to attend tuition and in my opinion, I think its a ridicules waste of time and money.

I have had students that sit and play games on their mobiles. I have had students that just want to gossip about everything apart from maths! I have had students that sit with their head on the table waiting for the time to tick over.

math picture money

For me, this is a very easy £25, but also a very bad, deceiving way to obtain it.

If I feel a student is not going to pass an exam, I will point this fact out to parents and guardians. I have had 16 year old's that do not know their 2 times tables. When they do not want to learn their 2 times tables this means they do not want to learn at all. At this stage its impossible to pass any exam.

If I think a student is not going to pass an exam, I feel obligated to tell parents and guardians about this. Most people are grateful of this. Honesty is always the best policy.

My Credentials

certificate of math achievement

I hold a Masters in Mathematics from the University of Chester.

I also hold the PTLLS qualification (Prepare to Teach in the Lifelong Learning sector).

Which by Law is the minimum requirement to teach adults anywhere in the UK.

What Services I offer

I offer tuition in the comfort of my own home. For local people to Chester and Ellesmere Port they are welcome to visit my home and be tutored this way.

I also do home visits.

Otherwise, anybody from anywhere else in the world can be tutored online via Skype or on a learning platform.

I set homework for any students wishing to do extra work.

I mark work in my own time and not within tutoring time.

I help students with homework and assignments.

Students who get private math tutors move up classes. They do better and go up grades. In general they do well and have more confidence.

How much does home private math tutors cost?

For local people £25 per hour, in my house or online. £30 at your home for people local to Chester and Wirral.

This is the currant rate for private math tutors in Chester and Ellesmere port.

I also consider my rate for Private Math Tutors to be cheap because 20 years ago when I was tutored, my mother paid £30 for me to get a private math tutors.

Looking back now, I am sure 20 years ago, it should have been a lot cheaper than it is now! Or rather it should be a lot more expensive now.

For group bookings such as siblings and friends, its an extra £10 on top of the £25 for each extra child attending my home. Now if you step back and do the math for that, its slightly cheaper per child... £17.50.

This will not be the case for any online tuition. Online tuition is 1 set price of £25 per hour.

Children between the ages of 5 and 9 are able to attend a class on Wednesday evening at 5pm for £10 per hour.

In this tutoring session we cover all aspects of maths such as fractions, multiplication, addition, subtractions, percentages, shapes and much more. We cover only one topic per session.

There will be no more than 5 children within this class.

Free Tuition

If you book 10 lesson in advance, prepaid. You get 1 lesson free.

You can also get free lessons by winning them from our facebook page.

These are the WINNERS! that have won so far. You can win too!

Why tutor with Rakiya?

I have home tutored over 10 years. I work with my students and not the other way round. I think just like my students, 'Maths is boring, maths is hard and hardly anyone likes it".

math teacher

I am not your typical teacher.

If you would like to read more about this, scroll down to the bottom to view the whole true story. I teach the way I would like it to be taught to me, because believe it or not, I also find it hard and boring.

Before students even tell me what they find difficult, I already know what they are confused with. I already know half of the problem. I have already explained this on my homepage . Once this first half is sorted, most students are well on the way to passing exams.

How to Contact Rakiya

If you would like more information regarding Rakiya's Chester and Ellesmere Port private math tutors than contact me via the contact form.

maths phone

I will reply to your message asap.

Alternatively contact me via the yellow pages or I will be listed under tutoring, 'Maths Made Easier'.

Land:01513563131 Mobile:07877216783

But I Live Too Far Away

If you live too many miles too far away, even if you live on the other side of the country, even the other side of the world...You can get math online tuition. Private Math Tutors online is THE solution if you want to pass that math exam! Otherwise, you might end up with a low mark...or worse...failing.

If you are looking for some free private math tutors...well I am giving hundreds of pounds worth of free tuition away! Go check out the facebook page. Or read this page for more info.

Check out all these WINNERS!. You can win too!

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Maths is Boring, its hard, hardly anyone likes it, But I still won 1st prize!

A True Story About Rakiya in College

During my time at university, one of the very first assignments on the postgraduate teaching course was to design a big poster, titled "What is Maths?".

picture students maths

We were in groups of 4 people.

I sat around the table with my fellow student colleagues watching them draw, scribble, write, wonderful, loving comments about maths.

I looked around and noticed the other groups of students writing the same things...'maths is great, maths is trig, maths is amazing, maths is blah blah..'

I stopped my student colleagues and told them, maths is hard, maths is boring and hardly anyone even likes it (apart from us, under my breath). My fellow student colleagues gasped in horror and told me "NO, how could you! We can't put that".

But I said this is the reality of maths. I sat sulking for a while and then later joined in with the group.

Before we put our poster onto the wall for critique, I reluctantly put 'maths is hard, maths is boring and hardly anybody likes it' in the bottom corner.

math shapes

Our poster was amongst 10 other posters.

They were all colorful and bright with formulas and shapes.

There were 4 lecturers standing and marking the posters. The head lecturer stood forward and said, 'They are all great, but there is only one that stands out and screams the true, reality of maths in the real world.'

maths teacher

She pointed to our poster and she pointed to my submission at the bottom of the page.

She said as maths teachers we think and expect that everybody feels the same way about maths as we do. But the reality is, in the real world, nobody likes it, its hard and its boring.

Then she went on to say, as teachers we need to realize this and implement strategies in our teaching methods, and that our poster hits the nail on the head!

We won first prize.

Even though I do not teach maths at school, I feel my contribution to tutoring at home is valuable and paramount to molding anybody's view and opinion of maths. Besides, you will already know this and realize how much I love to write all things mathematical here on this site.

So, when you get 5 minutes, view some of the math jokes and math cartoons.math fun jokes

Hopefully, you will note that maths isn't all that boring after all!

Do you have a story to tell about school, college, teachers or maths? Share your story with us below. We would all love to hear your story. Otherwise, if you found this story useful, tweet or share it along to all your buds, I am sure they would appreciate it!

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A true story: 'Maths is hard, its boring, hardly anyone likes it, but we still won 1st prize'

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