Short True Story

Here is a short true story about a muffled life and as courtesy of reaching 10,000 increasing facebook fans I have commemorated it with this short true story for reaching this goal!

It’s a Muffled Life

As she sat in the back of the class, all she could hear from the teacher talking was, muffle, muffle muffle.

Muffle this and muffle that.

“Sanjeeda, for goodness sake, why are you nattering and chewing gum, AGAIN?!” screeched her maths teacher.

girl in class muffled life

“Put it in the bin and sit

in the front of the class

where I can keep an eye on you.”

Well, if she could hear what her instructions were in the first place, maybe she would actually do what she was supposed to. Sanjeeda was half deaf and couldn’t really hear much. More importantly she couldn’t make sense of a lot of things around her. Everything was a blur and a muffle.

However, she got by. By lip reading and ignoring a lot of things. The problem was, she didn’t know she was partially deaf. Nobody knew. It was never diagnosed and she thought it was normal. She thought everyone heard like this. Years of muffled silence went by and nobody knew she lived her life of hearing muffles.

She came home from school one day, threw her coat up and got back to work. In her fathers restaurant of course. She served the customers and blindly lip read their orders. “Huh, Pardon, could you repeat that please”.

Then there were the gatherings with her sisters and family. Fun and laughter. Food and drink. Conversations and stories with her sisters.

sisters laughing muffled life

She caught the beginning,

missed the middle and gave up on the end.

“Oh why cant you keep up with any conversation?” laughed her sisters,

“Your just so daft and slow sometimes”.

But, it was all fun, harmless fun.

Things were pretty tough sometimes, going to school 20 miles away. Catching the train, then the bus, sometimes missing the bus and walking to school instead. But Sanjeeda plugged along with all her might. She ignored all the resistance and kept going. Deep down she knew that there is gain where there is pain and someday, one day, something good would come of her life.

As she sat in the back of her dad’s shop doing her homework, she contemplated a life of sound and noise. The sound and noise that everyone hears clearly. Not the buzzing, humming, bleeping, grinding noise she hears in her ears day in, day out.

But the clear, silence of nothing.

Oh yes! Nothing.

She had a funny hearing disorder called tinnitus. Which is not curable, but certainly a crazy disorder which means she has noises in her ears. Constantly, ringing, buzzing, gushing, whooshing, banging noises.

You name it, she hears it.

So, not only does she hear muffle, muffle from people talking, but she hears crazy alien sounds. As if they are being transmitted into her ears from outer space.

What a noisy life!

But a good life. She has her arms and legs. She has clean water and electricity. She has sweets and chocolates. Socks and shoes. Holidays every year. She lived a good life, a happy life. The only problem, it was muffled and buzzing.

Sanjeeda never complained once. She just got by. She scraped through college and University.


Even when her lecturers told her to give up and leave. Leave to get a dead end job. She kept going and plugged along. Persisted and persevered.

Sanj did so well, she even went on to do a higher Masters degree in Maths.

A huge accomplishment considering she never heard much of her teachers and lecturers talking.

But not just that, she excelled in arts and craft. She loved sports. She loved English, she loved to write things.

So, to graduate in one of the hardest subjects in the world, would be great in itself. She could not do sums naturally. She picked a subject to study she was not even good at. It was hard. Sanjeeda was not your typical mathematician.

She wanted to prove to the world, she and anyone can do anything. If, and only if, you put your heart and mind to it.

my kids muffled life

Life itself was plodding along.

She got married.

Had children.

Did odd jobs here and there.

But what was her true calling in life? What was she supposed to do with herself?

She started writing. Writing maths. Writing to teach maths to children. Just how she would like it taught to her. She put her work up online so everyone could read it. This way Sanjeeda didn’t need to speak to communicate, she just wrote. Wrote to her hearts content. Wrote to humour, wrote to educate, wrote to let the whole world know she was not stupid and deaf.

Today she prides herself with a huge following of 10,000 students and peers online. Sanjeeda is the short true story of Rakiya from Ellesmere Port in Cheshire. Who hears muffles from people and buzzing and banging from tinnitus. But she does not need to speak or hear anyone these days. She writes. She reads. She communicates in chat messages online.

muhammad muffled life

Sometimes...only sometimes,

does she lip read,

when her children are asking her,

“Mummy who are you talking to…online?”

How do I know this is a short true story about Rakiya? Well, because it’s my story. I lived like this all my life. I hear muffles from people and buzzing and banging from tinnitus. I graduated from Chester University with a Masters degree in Maths. I am the webmaster at with an increasing facebook fanbase of 10,000.

Anything is possible in life. With a little determination and self-belief. You have to believe in yourself and then, only then others will believe in you.

This platform has given me the opportunity to tell my little short true story about a muffled life.

Thank you.

The end

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