We are Rich, it does not matter!

This is a letter to one of my students. It was in reply to his statement, "We are rich, it does not matter". He was finding it increasingly difficult to revise and find motivation to study. He's just too rich to bother.

Only little does he realize..he is not rich at all, in fact he is very poor and his father is the one who is rich! Even if he inherits all the riches in the world...he is still poor.

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Names have been edited out of this letter.

Dear Student,

Peace and blessing be with you. I have no bad feelings that you did not turn up for the C2 exam yesterday...just disappointed that its another day gone another day that cannot be replaced.

Something you said a while ago, is haunting me. And until I speak my mind about it, I wont be able to rest. Sometimes its easier and quicker to say things in an email than to say it in the lesson. Also in the lesson there is not enough time to speak about other stuff.

You said "We are rich, it doesn't matter".

This is playing on my mind and haunting me. It really hurts to hear this because... It does matter.

Money is nothing....(therefore it doesnt matter?).

Money does not make you rich (therfore it does not matter?).

What is Money?.. Money is just a piece of paper that buys us our food clothes etc.

So, the paper thing we like to call 'MONEY', is the exchange we need to make in the shops to buy stuff... and thats it.

What is rich? Education, qualifications, life skills and experience make you rich. With out these..we are nothing. YOur dad is not rich due to money. He is not rich due to his job. He is rich due to his qualifications. Dr Malique can jump into any job and this is due to having amazing qualifications.

Qualifications are reliable, people rely on them and trust them more than anything.

More than someone who has years of skills and work experience.

If tomorrow, Allah forbid, took away your mum, dad, siblings, then took away your house, car and anything else of value. What will you be left with. No money, for a start.

But also the back up of your mum and dad will be gone. You cant even say you are rich anymore because your dad is gone. The very person that makes you rich today.

SO...one day, your mum and dad will go and what will you be left with...

nothing apart from whats in your brains and the back up of the Uni that you went to.

You told me that your Dad is experiencing pain and grief about a burglary. There you go. I prove my point. YOu can lose things in an instant. Your dad may have lost things of value.

But he has not lost the most important thing, his life and his qualification skills. If Dr Malique lost his job, will he cry like the rest of us here being made redundant every day...nah.

He wont even care about it because, he knows that he is at the top of his game, the creme of the crop and can get a job before anyone else. This is the difference between good qualifications and a good Uni, more importantly getting a good Uni grade.

Trust me Student, I also come from a rich back ground, My grandad back home was an army major commanding thousands.

So, whilst my mum had a prieleged back ground with servants and a silver spoon in her mouth...she lost them as soon as she came into this country. But she came to more riches in this country, but worked under my other granddad as a waitress.

He opened up the first Indian restaurant in Liverpool.

Whist they may have lived an affluent life here, they worked too hard for it. She married at 15 and was supposed to study but didnt get the chance. Waiting tables is the hardest job ever, serving drunken louts whilst your feet kill.

Yes I did that too at my grandads restaurant. Then I waited tables at my dads restaurant. I was waiting tables right throu till Uni. Its the worst job in the world. But this is the job for most people that are biding their time until something better comes up.

The lesson I learnt...Waiting tables is not for me and not for us. Not for people with brains and you have them. YOu have more brains than me.

Remember I told you about my uncle who is Captain for Virgin airlines, well he also waited tables, infact we all did. A hard but valuable lesson we all learnt. Probably the best one our granddad and dad gave to us all.

So the morale of the story. It does matter that you are rich because you can use it to your advantage now and get to the place where you want quicker than most people who dont have the same amount of riches...but then again, you dont even need riches to get there either! So contradiction is the morale of the story...we are rich, it matters, but then again..it doesnt!

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