Algebra for dummies, here is my take on this subject!

Now, did you actually click here out of curiosity for 'algebra for dummies' or do you really think your a dummy?

When I read books or sites, 'math for dummies', 'college algebra for dummies' or 'math for morons', I feel very upset. For a start, it doesn't even make sense to insult someone by calling them a dummy or a moron when they are actually seeking help.

We are not any of these nasty name things.

Here is a list of topics you might find helpful in your quest for working out algebra:

But going back to my take on this subject...

The truth is simple, as I have mentioned over and over again...

somewhere, along the lines at school a piece of the jigsaw puzzle was left out.


-math was actually explained in a millisecond and didn't register.

-Maybe, we were backchatting and being naughty and missed it.

-Or like I mentioned at the beginning of my homepage, teacher was rubbish and just couldn't get the message across.

Which ever, whatever category we fall into, it doesn't make us morons. Algebra for dummies is a horrible term and I wish people who use them reconsider their words.

There are so many ways we learn, visually, audio etc. And quite honestly its only starting to happen in schools and colleges now, sort of. So, if we were to be a learner of audio, and the teacher prepares a lesson visually or kinesthetic, then how does that help in our learning? It doesn't!

Even when my professor told me I was not cut out for this. And told me after the third attempt to settle for a postgraduate diploma instead of a Masters.

I felt like telling him, 'No, your just not cut out to teach me'. But, with all due respect, by this stage in our life we are kind of expected to do things independantly.

So, the morale of the story, we are not dumb or stupid. Something, somewhere along the lines went wrong, in our education. It's so easy for educators to just give up on us. 'Oh they are stupid', or 'Oh they will never be anything'.

Always, always remember we are totally cut out to do math. We just need that extra something to fill that piece in the jigsaw puzzle.

So, I suggest you skip back to basic algebra like everybody else and make your way through the various topics step by step. Hopefully, I have made it as easy and colorful as possible. If not, feel free to contact me and let me know what's really puzzling you.

One of my favorite sayings, 'If people don't believe that mathematics is simple, it is only because they do not realize how complicated life is' John Lous von Neumann

...Hmmm, just giving it a second thought, maths is not simple, nor is my life complicated!

If you found this page useful then tweet or share it along to all your buds. I am sure they would appreciate it :) but before you do, have you read my short true story about being deaf, dumb and stupid?

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