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Best Free Math Apps and Study Tools for Students

Are you looking for the best math apps that will improve your overall math learning experience? Then read this guide to the end.

Math is a complex subject, that different students have different views concerning the whole concept of math. Teachers, too, will agree that students have different ways of understanding math. Some students are quick learners, while some take time to master a concept. This shouldn’t trouble you as a student because advanced technology has improvised different ways to study math to help all students attain good grades and achieve their career goals.

In the next sections, we will describe math technology tools you can use when studying math, and you will realize how learning math can be easy, contrary to the usual norm that math is a hard subject.

How to study for math: Pro tips

Math technology tools help students in studying math. However, with the tools in place, you will need to implement the tips below to make studying math an interesting experience, even with the tools and apps in place.

  • Practice consistently

Math is one of the complex subjects that requires steady attention. As a way of mastering math topics and concepts, make it a habit to always solve some math questions whenever you have a chance.

  • Master the formula

Most math questions require formula application. Therefore, to ensure you have understood the whole topic well, start by mastering the formula so that you can apply it to any question about a specific topic.

  • Review examples

Whenever doing a math problem, relate the problem you are handling with related examples to improve your overall understanding.

  • Always have the requirements in place

Math requires practical knowledge. Therefore, make sure you have the relevant textbooks and related materials in place when doing math homework or studying math.

Free online math tools for students

The following math tools and the app will help students of all levels grasp the concept with ease. Try using the materials, and you will realize how math can turn out to be an interesting subject.

Best free math apps


This app is designed for tablets and smartphones to assist students in learning math at school and at home. The app has the ability to determine the student’s weak areas and creates a program to improve the student’s weak areas.


Created for both iOS and Android platforms, Photomath is an app that helps students solve complex math problems and get solutions instantly. If you get stuck while doing a math question, simply point the camera to the question, and it will display steps on how to get the answer.

Best math apps for kids

Kids Math

This app is specialized for kids to help kids answer a setoff math questions within a set time frame. As a motivating factor, the app offers a reward of plus four seconds for every correct answer and minus five for an incorrect answer.

Available in Google play for free, this app generates new questions whenever a student plays.


With over 10 million users, MentalUP is one of the best math apps for kids. The kids can solve math problems related to measurements, multiplication, fraction, and addition in a fun and engaging manner.

Math apps for middle school


Created like a real chalkboard, the app motivates students to solve math questions by following the steps instead of guessing the answer. The best aspect of the MathBoard app is that it has different models where a student can opt to solve a math problem manually and a multiple-choice option.


This app has math-based games arranged based on grade levels and topics. The student simply selects topics they intend to cover for their grades.

Best math apps for college

Cymath – Math Problem Solver

Anyone who enjoys learning and studying math must have come across the Cymath app. With millions of users, the app has a wide range of math problems, and it helps students search and solve any math topic.

Available for both Apple and Android devices, the user simply types the math questions, then the app will help solve the question, highlighting the steps to take.

With the Cymath app, you can solve math problems under topics such as polynomial division, partial fractions, exponents, trigonometry, quadratic equations, and complex numbers, among many others.

Brainly – Homework Math Solver

Are you struggling with algebraic, trigonometric, and geometry math homework questions? Then you simply need the Branly app.

With the app, you will get instant and accurate answers to your complex questions.

What’s more, the app offers a chance to get extra help from professional math tutors.


Do not let math questions give you a hard time. Take advantage of the advanced apps highlighted above and make learning math an interesting hobby.

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