How to write algebra rules

Why do we need to write algebra rules?

We need to write algebraic rules quite simply so that people from all over the world can understand them. Algebra is the same in all languages.

So, the algebra in Japanese will hopefully be understood by europeans or americans. And vice versa.

These rules need to be remembered because we will be using them from now on.


  • We miss out the multiplication signs because they look too much like the letter x.

    for example: We should write the formula d=5×f+2 as d=5f+2

  • 6y means multiply 6 by y.

    The number is always written first. We never put y6.

  • Always put the letter you are finding on the left hand side. Write w=3y+z and not 3y+z=w

  • Do not put any units in the formulas. Miss them out.

    We do not put cm in any formulas involving length.

  • Write divide like a fraction.

    Write 7÷y as 7y

So, these are our rules of thumb. Stick to them and hopefully everything should be okay.

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