Math Symbols Glossary

A list of math symbols glossary used in mathematics.

Symbol Meaning Example
= equals, totals, makes, is the same as 4=3+1
+ addition, plus, sum of, count on, makes, increase, add, combine, more, and, total, altogether 2+1=3
- subtraction, difference, less, decrease, leaves, count back, minus, take away, how many left 4-3=1
× multiplication, groups of, double, lots of, repeated addition, pair, product, multiply, times 5×4=20
÷ division, share, group, divide, split, divided by, divisible, share equally 8÷2=4
square root √9=±3
n power 42=16
angle ∠ABC
triangle ∆ABC
< less than 2<5
less than, or equal to 5≤5
> greater than 5>3
greater than, or equal to 6≥4
not equal to 3.5≠35
approximately equal to 2.9≅3
{ } denotes a set {1,2,3,...}
is an element of 1∈{1,2,3}
is a subset of A⊂B
includes the subset B⊃A
ξ universal set A⊂ξ
empty set { }
intersection A∩B=∅
union A∪B=ξ

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